Getting To One Hundred Mark on Medium

2 min readDec 11, 2021


Quoting Howard Wolowitz from Big Bang Theory

I have been on Medium for a while and have spent a few weeks trying to understand it’s audience and writers here.

I have published a few articles and have interacted with the writers. There’s no denying the fact that content here is quite engaging and always interesting to read.

Just like any other aspiring blogger on Medium, I would also like to increase my followers and as you can see… I don’t have many as of yet.


I am currently applying for colleges and before that took 2 year gap for medical exam preparation. That did not work out too well for me so I am searching other courses and at the same time, I am seeking various opportunities to start earning online through blogging ;)

I love reading and so I thought why not utilize my time before I get into college to develop some skills. So, I decided to start writing on Medium.

Anyway, it would be really helpful if we can hit the target of accomplishing more than hundred or at least hundred followers and become a part of wonderful writing community!

I think the best way would be by hitting the follow button and then introducing yourself in the comments below!

Here’s a template which you can use,

“Hello Lola! I’m * your username *. I write about …….. ’’

you can also add “I follow back anyone who follows me!’’

I will follow back anyone who comments and for better chances you can also comment on my previously published article.

People who comment under this post can also follow each other and support the writer community :)

I would be really grateful if we achieve the target under 24 hours!!!!


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